Monday, June 19, 2017

What would you do for a new bike?

Race season and training is in full swing. We are pushing our bodies to points we didn't think we were capable. But we don't do it for the bling. We do it because of the high from pushing our bodies to limits we didn't think possible. Okay, sometimes it's for the bling.

This past weekend Mitch was in another room just giggling as he watched a video on his phone. What he shared with me had already been seen by thousands. A father, plugging his insurance company, doing the Stinky Fish Challenge. He bets his wife and two young daughters they couldn't sit through him opening a can of Surstromming (basically rotten fish) and eating a piece. Each person picked their own prize. One daughter asks for a new bike, the younger one wants a Flipzee Girl doll and the wife's prize are diamonds. One guess who I was rooting for.

Be sure to watch the video with the sound on and watch it through the end.

Yes it is funny, but what impressed me was this little girl's determination to get a new bike. She sits there and proclaims it smells like a "toot", but doesn't gag, encourages her dad and just is fixated on that new bike. She wills herself to sit at the table while BOTH her parents and little sister are literally retching from the smell.

It is amazing how we can will ourselves to do something if we keep our eye on the prize. Be it finishing that big race, tackling a big climb or like this tough little girl...block out the stink. Mind over body is an amazing thing and we put ourselves to the test every time we clip into those pedals, zip up our wet suit or lace up our running shoes. You can do anything you put your mind to. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  Be strong, be fierce, be bad ass.

I hope her dad came through with an amazing new bike for his daughter. She's going to be a power to reckon with now and in the future. So to this little girl, I say...w

Enjoy the new ride,

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